Thursday, November 17, 2011

Four the Record

If you haven’t already purchased Country Music Female Vocalist of the Year Miranda Lambert’s newest album, do yourself a favor and head to iTunes or your nearest Target, and buy it right now…well, as soon as you finish reading this. If haven’t been able to tell from previous posts, she is one of my very favorite artists. Picking a favorite song from the new album, Four the Record, is tough. This is her first album since she married Country Music Male Vocalist of the Year, Blake Shelton, so it's only fitting that he make an appearance on the album via duet. (He and Miranda also co-wrote "Over You," her next single.) Even though she is living her happily-ever-after, Miranda, still has some quirky break-up songs, like the first single, "Baggage Claim." (We girls in the dating world love to sing along to those sort of songs!) I really love the songs that Miranda wrote, especially “Dear Diamond,” but the lyrics of that one don’t necessarily portray something I can relate to. The background vocals (Patty Loveless) plus Miranda’s lyrical ability make for a stunning song though. (It is an alto's dream! It also makes me ache to play the guitar!)

The song I can (or one day hope to) relate to the most is “Oklahoma Sky.” To me, it symbolizes the deep sense of peace my heart feels in the country; the expansive sky holds infinite possibilities and hope. Hope that one day I will finally find the love that brings me home, and the long wait and heartbreak will all be worth it. What can I say; despite everything I’ve been through, deep down I will always be a hopeless romantic.

Oklahoma Sky
* How long has it taken me to find you? * Five hundred years, five hundred thousand miles * It don’t matter now, love’s always on time * Meet me underneath the Oklahoma sky * Lightening flash, everything went silent * A feather could have knocked me to the floor * Missing peace was found, I was finally alive * Meet me underneath the Oklahoma sky * With the speed of sound I am homeward bound * All our sorrows swept away forever * Each and every tear washed out to sea * There ain’t no goodbye with your hand in mine * Meet me underneath the Oklahoma sky * Oklahoma sky *
* Oklahoma Sky *

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