Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Life is Good

I love Martha’s Vineyard. I cannot get over how beautiful the island is from the ocean to the flowers to the homes. I feel so blessed to be here taking it all in. I love laying on my bed watching the boats pull in and out of the harbor. 
I would not change a thing about the island, well, maybe just one little thing…the lack of air conditioning. Sitting here in my little bedroom takes me back to memories of summer camp of my pre-teen years…here on my twin bed, window open, with a small electric fan blowing in my face. Of course, now I have a laptop instead of a journal, and I can simply call or email my parents instead of writing letters. I can even post pictures I have taken online before I even get home without anxiously awaiting for film to develop. The only relief on the warm days is the breeze across the porch. This is one Southern aspect that I love about the homes on Martha’s Vineyard. The cottages and houses alike have porches lined with rocking chairs, and people congregate to relax or enjoy conversation with neighbors or passerby.
Today was a particularly warm day here on the island, and I had about all I could take of the heat at the cottage this evening. I decided to go for a walk hoping the occasionally breeze would cool me down. I followed the sidewalk a short distance away from the cottage and took a seat on a bench by the ocean. I cannot express how much I love the ocean. I love the way it sounds and how alluring it is. I could just sit for hours and not grow tired of it. Once the sun started it’s decent, I walked around to the harbor to watch it set…absolutely breathtaking. It’s in those moments especially that I feel God’s presence as I stand in awe of His creation. 

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  1. Spectacular pictures!!! Feels like I'm there! Great blog!XO