Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vineyard Time

The second day of the trip took us through Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Conneticut, and Rhode Island. My favorite part of day two was eating lunch at Mystic Pizza. Yes, it is the actual restaurant from the movie located in Mystic, Conneticut. Mystic is an adorable little town that was exactly how I pictured New England…sail boats in the water, streets lined with boutiques, and houses resembling doll houses.

Today is the third day of my New England adventure. It has been a very long day since getting up at 5:30am and traveling from Rhode Island to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. Martha’s Vineyard further exemplifies the picture perfect New England atmosphere. It is surreal to me to be here seeing sights that I could only imagine on postcards or paintings. I love the ocean. It is so beautiful and peaceful.

I wish I could write more, but it has been a long day full of beauty and adventure, and tomorrow ensures that more is to come. I am on Vineyard Time now, and it is time to sleep.

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