Friday, June 25, 2010


Parasailing is something I have always wanted to do therefore it is on my bucket list. The other day while walking along the beach I saw someone parasailing. It all the sudden occurred to me that it was a water sport offered on the island. I figured what better place to parasail then beautiful Martha’s Vineyard?! I then made a reservation for my parasailing adventure, which seemed to make Shannon, her parents, and my parents a little nervous. I didn’t get nervous until stepping onto the boat this afternoon.

I learned that the most nerve-racking part of parasailing is right before you take off since you have no idea what to expect. Also, signing the paper that says I assume all risk of death or injury is bold, capital letters might have had something to do with it too. I was surprised at how simple it was, as the two guys running the activity strapped me up and took off. I suppose I was expecting some kind of instruction or safety precautions. Once the boat was out in the water, they called for me to come to the back of the boat.

I was wearing a lifejacket and some sort of contraption that had to be stepped into with  seatbelt-like bands going around my backside. I was told to sit, and when I questioned, I was assured that the makeshift seat would hold me. This seat contraption simply hooks to the parachute thingy with two little metal clips. (I didn’t realize that was all there was to it until I was dangling over the Atlantic Ocean.) Once clipped, the parachute opened, and I was jerked off the back of the boat, into the water, and up into the sky. With the unexpected jerk, of course, I screamed, but once I made my way up I was able to loosen my death grip on the straps connecting me to the parachute. Every time the boat hit a wave, I felt a slight tug. In general though, I felt safe flying high above the water. It was incredibly fun (and cold) being dipped in the water and then floating back up in the air.

The view was breathtaking looking down and around at all the water sparkling in the sun. The beach, houses, cars, boats, and people all looked like a miniature display of Martha’s Vineyard you might see in a museum. It was…amazing. I wish I had pictures of the view, but that will exist only in my memory since I didn’t want to risk dropping a camera. I will, however, always have pictures of the view of me from the boat. 

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  1. How beautiful! I only wish I could have been there with you! I am so proud of you for seizing the opportunity and taking the step! An opportunity of the moment is now a memory of a lifetime!! I hope you know how deeply I love you and how my heart and life are full of joy that you bring me every day! You have more courage than me! ~forever hugz~